Heavy Duty Shelving


Heavy Duty Shelving

heavy duty shelving garageThe Perfect Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

Our heavy duty shelving is ideal for your garage or workshop. Made of steel, with a load rating of 300kgs per shelf, this longspan system can store your tools and any other weighty items you need a safe place for. This industrial storage unit features a completely metal frame and shelves, to hold even the heaviest of items. We see this type of system used in warehouses, factories and backrooms, because it’s perfect for storing large boxes or bags.

Made extremely tough and sturdy, these shelving units are designed to maximise space. The system also has adjustable feet, which is the perfect solution if your floor is uneven.

Make Your Shelving Configuration Work For You

You can choose the number of levels, as well as the height and width of the system that is going to work best for your space. Each shelf level is adjustable, so you can customise each level to suit exactly what you need to store.

Not only that, it is very simple to install and can be assembled easily with only one person. Check out our video for assembly instructions. Or, if you’d prefer to leave it to us, we can deliver, assemble and install for a fee.

If you decide that you need extra levels, these can be purchased separately at any time.

We offer Australia wide delivery with competitive freight charges. If you are purchasing a large amount of heavy duty shelving or looking to fitout multiple venues, contact us directly for the best price.