Data Strips


Data Strips

Data strips, also known as plastic shelving strips or shelf stripping, are label holders that allow you to display information about products you are selling, including barcode, colour and price. The stripping then adheres to the shelf easily to achieve a clean, organised display in your shop.

Our price strips are among the best on the market. To ensure long term use, only the highest quality adhesive is used in the stripping. Our supplier has completed extensive research to ensure we have the best peel strength and the best shear strength – put simply, this means our product has the best long term adhesive capability of any shelf price strips on the market today.

Data strips are designed for retailers to ensure products not only stand out, but that important information is communicated effectively to customers, such as sale or promotional items.

This product is simple to apply. If you need help, see the instructional video below, or the written instructions at the bottom of the page. To use the data strip, paper labels can easily slide into the ticket channels.

The quality of the adhesive is paramount when it comes to choosing quality strips that will last as long as possible.

Our supplier has conducted research to ensure we only sell you the best data stripping possible. Included in this research was the affect of plasticiser migration, which is when the polymer molecules in the plastic migrate into the adhesive which can affect the long term holding capacity of the data strip. When this happens, the strip can come away easily, however our adhesive is resistant to plasticisers so a long term bond in maintained, even at elevated temperatures.

You can be assured when you purchase from Shelves for Shops you are buying a high quality, affordable plastic data stripping system.